Imagine, if you will, an authentic charming winery nestled in a quaint historic town producing some of the areas finest wines. Oak barrels lined up against a backdrop of gleaming stainless steel tanks full of a variety of local and imported fermenting grapes. A fine dining Bistro, featuring an eclectic menu of chef-prepared gourmet entrees and mouth watering desserts, with a scenic patio area for outdoor dining. An extensive gift shop with hundreds of unique items.

Think you are in California? France?  No, you are in Anamosa, Iowa, home of the Daly Creek Winery.

The Daly Creek Winery, which opened in May 2004, is named in honor of the owner’s great-grandfather, Philip Daly, who settled in the area during the mid 1850’s as an early pioneer immigrant from Ireland.

The Daly family, which still owns the farm Philip Daly purchased during the Civil War, is well steeped in local history over the past 150 years, being involved in farming, cattle ranching, politics, real estate, and now a vineyard of French-American hybrid grape vines.  It is the first commercial vineyard in Jones County.

Today, winery owners, Jim and Michael Langer, the fourth generation of Philip Daly’s heritage, are continuing the family tradition, by producing fine wines and great food for our guest’s enjoyment.  The winery is located at 106 North Ford Street in a former creamery building which was renovated to adapt to wine production.

Daly Creek Winery welcomes all visitors to the winery for free wine tasting,
gift shopping, a delicious meal, and for a unique memorable experience.

Tues thru Sat  11 AM to 9 PM
Sun  11 AM to 3 PM
Starting May 15th we are serving from 11 AM to 8 PM
Closed Mondays

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